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Autoit-gui (v102.16) Install Question

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I just downloaded AutoIt-GUI alpha v102.16

I have some autoit code that I have now converted from v2 to v3. Took awhile, but I'm glad I did it. The ease of reading the code was a major benefit, but certainly not the only benefit.

The GUI is written in GUI4Cli. It is a pretty simple GUI. I would like to convert it to AutoIt-GUI (now or later, whatever makes sense). I will change it to use Jon official GUI code, when it is released.

My question is about installing AutoIt-GUI that I downloaded...

Do I install AutoIt-GUI alpha into the AutoIt v3.0 build 101 (official code) folder?

Or, should I install AutoIt v3.0 build 101 into a second (alpha) folder and then install AutoIt-GUI alpha into this folder?

Or, should I install the latest AutoIt beta/unstable code and then install AutoIt-GUI alpha into this beta folder? If so, where do I download the latest AutoIt beta/unstable version from?

Thanks, Lilla

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I have seperate directories for the Unstable and the autoit-Gui version and made seperate userfunctions in Scite to run with these versions...

command.8.*.au3=c:\.....\autoit3\au3beta\autoit3.exe "$(FilePath)"

command.name.8.*.au3=Beta AutoIt


command.7.*.au3=c:\.....l\autoit3\au3gui\autoit3.exe "$(FilePath)"

command.name.7.*.au3=Au3Gui AutoIt


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jdeB, thanks for the feeback.

The deed is done. I converted my GUI from Gui4cli to AutoIt-GUI. It's working well. I am very pleased with the result.

In case it might help some one else get started, here's what I did...

I unzipped AutoIt-GUI (v102.16) into this folder...

c:\program files\AutoIt3\AutoIt-GUI

Tip: the #include in GUI_test.au3 works because it is in the same folder, but the code you write will be stored in a different folder, thus, you must include the path.

For example,


#include "c:\program files\autoit3\autoit-gui\GUI_include.au3"

To test during development, I created...


RunWait('c:\program files\autoit3\autoit-gui\aut2exe.exe /in MyGUI.au3')


Run( 'MyGUI.exe')

Thanks again,


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