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Determing the middle of a range of pixels?

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I know how to use normal pixelsearches throughout the screen for various colors, but what I'd like to learn how to do is determine where the center of those detected pixels are.

I wasn't entirely sure how to explain this in words so I threw a picture together.

So basically its scanning the center of the screen, but instead of the appropriate pixels triggering whatever event to take place, those pixels have to be centered regardless of size and how much space they take of.

Is something like this possible and do you have any suggestions on learning it?


I basically want a certain group crossing the screen to trigger a browser refresh (easily bindable to a key F5) and then it begins a new search and some other events before it happens again. I've got everything done except for this part, but it throws off the loop because it activates as soon as the text scrolls through the center, whereas I need it to always be when the text is completely centered. Sorry if that's confusing.


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well, can you post your code and explain what exactly going wrong if you already finished everything else?

i mean it's easier to understand your problem and you will get a more tailored answers for your code i guess. (btw im not that good at engl:sweating:)


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why do i get garbage when i buy garbage bags? <_<

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