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scite: open file (by doubleclick) in tab while able to open multiple windows manually?

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I am strugling with scite opening files. My desired behaviour is doubleclicking scripts opens it in existing scite window in new tab, (works when I set check.if.already.open=1), but I also want an option to open another scite window by doubleclicking scite directly (works when I set check.if.already.open=0). But when its 0, doubleclicking script always opens it in new window instead of in tab, and setting it to 1 dont allow me to open more windows if I want to. Is there any way to achieve it? (Win 7)


Bonus question: idk why, but closing scite will not remember my last opened files, so on next doubleclick on script will open that script only, effectively closing all other scripts. If I open by scite shortcut dorectly, last open scripts are kept open, but if I by mistake open scite by script, I have to reopen all previous scripts again. How can I set that no matter the way scite opens, it will also open all scripts it had open when I close it?



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You want too much from ScitE in this case: Even when you find a way to make everything work as you would like described in your first paragraph, then remembering all aopen files is something that doesn't work as there is only one file that info is written in and thus contains all tabs of the last closed SciTE.

I am not even going to try to think about how to make this work as I really can't see the purpose of wanting this. :)


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Im okay with one file having info of all tabs open of last opened scite. Is there a way to make scite read it when starting by doubleclicking script, and not by doubleclicking scite.exe? Some registry-fu of passing parameter to scite while opening file? But that would be just bonus, I wouldnt mind if it opened scripts even when started by exe.


The main issue I have is the first paragraph. If I have scite opened, doubleclicking script file should open it in opened scite window as new tab. Doubleclicking scite.exe should open new window everytime, so I can have ability to open more windows of scite while by default all scripts open in one window as tabs.

I could swear, on my second computer (out of reach atm) it works exactly like that, but I already tried to copy the settings/registry and on my pc in question it only made things funkier than before


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