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So I had this Idea on making a chrome History logger in which it saves History to a external like a .txt or .ini whatever works  🙂. I wanna make cuz to keep record of the users search history in case they clear the chrome history. Incognito window wont be an issue as i have found a way to disable it.

i have tried backing up the History file initially but for realized its impractical due to having a a lot of history file saves at the end of the day and u need sql tools to actually open it.

So i have decided to copy the URL instead and save them somewhere else as it would be readable and easy access for me.

My problem now is I cant find a function that does that. In my digging i found about pressing F6 and copying the URl but i have alot of issue about it just by thing on doing it like the user Noticing it etc. There is this UI automation too but sadly its too advance for  me as i have only started autoit Not so long ago.

I hope some helps and points me towards a direction i just want to get that URl thats all

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