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Modifying web page checkbox list behaviour

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Is it possible to modify the way a particular checkbox list works on a webpage?

Previously, we were using a script that autofilled in a proxy dialog everytime it popped up using an autoit script, not to enter the password but to make sure the username entered was the same one as the logged in user. As a part of that process, we had the script look for new windows of a particular type and filled in the username for the user automatically, and then we modified the status of the box from active to disabled so the user could change the value we had entered. It worked fine, great success, autoit does the job easily.

It occured to me though, the form had an input box on it and we looked for and we changed the property of the already created box using a script. I have a new problem where an external webpage is presented to the users containing a list checkbox inwhich they are able to tick multiple options when the software really needs only one selected to do the job (multiple choices just confuses further options). Can the properity of a list checkbox be changed by autoit from multiple selections to one, that is, is it a runtime property that can be modified or a creation property  that cannot.

I know the type of input needs to change from (input type = "checkbox") to (input type = "radio"), but I don't have access to that code on the external server. Is there a way of doing if locally? Keen to know if anyone has done this already in some way.



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