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RunAswait - Retry Password

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Using the example I build the script below:

What i try to get done:

Execute Function RunAsWait use password 1 when password is incorrect RunAsWait use password 2.

But currently the script reports a msgbox on the first attempt: The username or password is incorrect.

any tips?


Func Setup()
    ; Username and password to the appropriate values for your system.
    Local $sUserName = "SystemAdmin"
    Local $sPassword1 = "Syst123!"
    Local $sPassword2 = "System123!"

    ; Run Cmd and wait for process to close. CMD is run under the user pecified.
    Local $ifirst = RunAsWait($sUserName, @ComputerName, $sPassword1, $RUN_LOGON_NOPROFILE, @ScriptDir & ".\AltirisSetup\EC_SMA.cmd", "", @SW_HIDE)
    If @error Then
       Local $iSecond = RunAsWait($sUserName, @ComputerName, $sPassword2, $RUN_LOGON_NOPROFILE, @ScriptDir & ".\AltirisSetup\EC_SMA.cmd", "", @SW_HIDE)
       Local $iSecond = -1
    If @error Then
        Local $sLastError = _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage()
        MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL + $MB_ICONERROR, "Error", "Installation Failed Contact Administrator" & @CRLF & @CRLF & $sLastError)
        ; Display the return code of the process.
        MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "installation Successed. First:"& $ifirst &", Second:"& $iSecond)
EndFunc   ;==>Setup



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Welcome Patrick,

No sure I understand completely what you are saying : Is the messagebox , you talk about, displayed by the shelled process or by AutoIt3?


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