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Hello everyone,

I wanted to see which option is the best for automating chrome. I know AutoIt is ideal when it comes to manipulating everything on a screen of a computer, though it is a complete language on it's own. On the other hand I found this https://realpython.com/modern-web-automation-with-python-and-selenium/ and was wondering if python can do the same. The reason for being undecided is that at the moment I think AutoIt might have a more broad use base when it comes to automating everything while python is a language on it's own that can be used for a lot of other things as well.

So what's best to automate chrome?

Thank you!

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Seleinum uses the WebDriver interface for automation, it is the web standard for automation. Most popular browser support automation via this method, and @Danp2 has made an excellent UDF for just that!

You will find more information in that topic, good luck :)

EasyCodeIt - A cross-platform AutoIt implementation

DcodingTheWeb Forum - Follow for updates and Join for discussion

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Alternative option for chrome and some other browsers is UI Automation UDF

See https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/FAQ number 31

I am aware of 3 ways of doing it with AutoIt

  • chrome.udf but believe thats outdated
  • webdriver udf
  • UI Automation udf

I favor autoit over some other language solutions as you have farr less to install as prerequisite or even compile to just a single exe. 

Maybe with selenium 4 and new selenium ide around there can be other solutions (based on javascript or java or powershell)


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