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My question seems like this one but i can't apply it's solution :

I'm workin' in a structure where our antivirus f-secure policies are set by f-secure admins. Even if i'm admin of my computer, i can't modify f-secure options, and i can't ask admins for a specific rule (same rules are applied to every computers by a PMS server)

The problem is that they recently change policies and the %username%\AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\Aut2exe directory is not excluded anymore from f-secure and it makes bugs in some compilations (f-secure deleting RCXxxxx.tmp files). It seems that even if i move aut2exe.exe, it always use this directory as temp working dir. My question is : how can i change the temp path used by aut2exe while compiling?

Thx for your help.

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@Sapass it sounds as though you are attempting to get around your company's security protocols. If you have a legitimate need to do this you need to work with your security folks to get this taken care of. f-secure does support exclusions; if you have a security posture that won't permit them applying one that is a different situation altogether. Either way, bypassing of security measures is not something we are going to discuss, per the forum rules.

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