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Retrieving the altered Struct after a call

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How do get the dllstruct(inside another) that was altered by a dll call? i don't know how to say it much better but the code will explain...(psuedocode)

$innerstruct = DllStructCreate("byte;long");data we want to retrieve
$mainstruct = DllStructCreate("long;ptr")
DllStructSetData($mainstruct, 2, DllStructGetPtr($innerstruct))
DllCall($dllname,"long",$function,"ptr",$mainstruct);alters $mainstruct and $innerstruct values

now how would i retrieve the "byte" part of $innerstruct?

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The _DllStructSubStruct function there is what i want but it doesn't work. The example doesn't even work and I'm sure it's do to changes in autoit since may. Is there a new way to do this or can someone change the UDF to work with the current beta?

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