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I have been looking, and found a few indications of what I may be trying to do but unfortunately none of the examples fit.

I am doing an API call from a website.  This call doesn't point me to a file but uses my query string to pull a CSV file that then downloads.  While I understand how to "GO GET" a file from a web page,  I don't know how I would script this in AUTOIT. 


Fortunately there are some demos I can share to show what I mean.  Instead of opening a browser, pasting the string and getting the file.   I would like to do it all from inside the script. 

here is a URL that "Builds"a csv

Is there a way to pull that csv and put it specific directory using only AUTOIT, instead of having to open a browser, pasting the url and getting the download?(Which is what I do now)








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Once I saw your statement above, I realize how OVER complicated I was making it.   

InetGet ( "URL", "filename" [, options = 0 [, background = 0]] )

It was right there the whole time but I just didnt try it,  URL, Filename.....  

Thank you very much and I will be LITERALLY testing every help file example as written BEFORE I come back for help.



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