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How can you left click while moving ? mouse control

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I d like to create a script which click at a certain place, drag till another and continue its trajectory without stopping.


I thought about those two options :


MouseClickDrag ( "left", 1200, 220, 900, 750, 2)




but it isn't fast enough : the mouse stops when it arrives at the point of "Mouse Up". Is there a way to bypass that problem?


thanks !


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What @mikell and @Earthshine was meaning, it's the option MouseClickDragDelay, which is a parameter that indicates the pause made by the function MouseClickDrag() at the start and at the end of the drag operation.

You can change the value of this parameter using AutoItSetOption() or Opt() function :)


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UEach help file has examples at the bottom.

If you can’t read and understand the material then how are you ever going to learn to program? Your response has indicated extreme laziness

Read and execute the examples is how you learn. We were all new at one point But that is no excuse for not learning. Wanting to be spoonfed won’t help you learn. YOU must read the help file And put forth an effort

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i understand and respect what you're saying.

In any case, changing options was a good idea but it doesn't solve my problem. My mouse is still stopping at some point (between the two commands). I'm suspecting that it accelerates and when it almost reached the aim point it decelerates. However, what i need is a really smooth movement of the mouse where in the middle it releases the left button.

Any idea how to do that :/?

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