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Sharing ReflexMem Macro Designer

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Hey everybody.

Back in 2016 I worked for a few months on a little pet project I called ReflexMem. I meant to share it on here but I never quite finished it, then I forgot. Today I rediscovered that old project and thought I'd post it on here. It's a fun little thing, but it is missing some key features. I kinda gave up on it.

It's basically a Macro builder, moves the mouse, types stuff. etc etc. I tried to add functionality to search for images on the screen, and some other cool stuff I couldn't find in other projects out there.

Anyway, I was totally inexperienced at programming back then so I'm sure there are lots of design flaws and poorly written code. I think this was probably my most ambitious project at the time. But despite my amateur ability, I did get to the point where I have used this thing several times, pretty good for repetitive tasks, though not as dynamic as I'd like. User Interface is not intuitive. There are some pretty powerful features that are very clunky to use like you can make macros, and string them together and whatnot.

If I were going to recreate this project today, I'd scrap the whole thing and start over, using this as reference for some specific functions.

Maybe somebody will get some value out of it, or they can use it as an example of what not to do:



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thanks for the share mate. if you should restart it, just use an Agile method to develop. I prefer a special blend of xRUP or modified and AGILE way of Rational Unified Process (just with one dev. still just do sprints to implement functions, one for debugging, then add another sprint with a few more features until done. that way, wherever you stop, you can just pick up and continue with a well running debugged system. that's how the big boys do it in the real world, like rolling out a customer website for an Electric company (I actually worked on a wonderful HI PERFORMANCE and SUCCESSFUL team  that did just that)

scrum is also very good, just use one and stick to it


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