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Ok, im trying to make a litlle, like, if then else thing with MsgBox. So Is they click yes, It does one thing, and if they click no, it does another. Could someone give me an example of that code to do that? And then, maybe, so I dont ask too many more questions, If you could give me a link to a tutorial specifically for like, manipulateing MsgBox , or give me code to do that, or somthin, that would be much apreciated.

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$msg = msgbox(3,"Click 1","Click 1")

if $msg = 6 then;if the yes button is clicked
msgbox(4096,"YES","You clicked Yes")

if $msg = 7 then;'no' button was pressed
msgbox(4096,"NO","You clicked NO")

if $msg = 2 then;cancel button was pressed
msgbox(4096,"CANCEL","You clicked CANCEL")

oh and lookup "MsgBox" in the help file for a full list of all this stuff

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