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Using AutoIT in LocalSystem account

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Problem - uninstall old versions of MS Visio and MS Project using the Uninstallstrings in the registry. If run from Add/Remove programs there is user interaction required to confirm the uninstall. I have been unable to find any switches that would make this process run silently. Neither do I want to start picking out all the updates and other components of the original install so that I can uninstall them manually, as there may be dozens. The vendor install does it cleanly.  If I set up a deployment script to run this centrally, the script runs as (local)system, and does not interact with the desktop. What I would like to ask are the following:

1. When a process runs under the system account, are there any detectable "windows" generated, even though the system user has no profile.

2. If so, is it possible to locate and press a specific button on the window that is generated?

3. Are there any code examples I could share?



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