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:D Ok here is the Problem ..... how can i make the script do write.

My english isnt that good :S

So here is a Sample...

i made the mouse to click on the Adress Bar

But how can i make the script to write on the adress Bar :huh2:

:iamstupid: :iamstupid: :iamstupid: :iamstupid: :iamstupid: :iamstupid:

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This is how it works right now :huh2:

......i made the mouse to move on the adress bar and click once ... and after it has click on it i need it to write www.rate.ee in do the adress bar... but How ???

Larry thx for the hlp ...but i doesnt do nothing !! :D

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No, you say that the script that Larry showed doesn't work...

One reason could be when the Title of the Window doesn't match...

Thats why i asked what the titlie of the window was you click on and type information to...

The easiest way to get all the info nneeded is when you run AU3_Spy.exe and click on the Control of the Window you want to send data too... and see what it says....

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Probably not using internet explorer?

If your script has already moved the mouse pointer to the address bar and clicked it, i think you can just add this to your code and it will work


Larry's code would be the better choice because it will work even if you change your desktop resolution and/or window position. You'll just need to change the phrase "Microsoft Internet Explorer" into the name of the web browser you are using. :D

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Oh Yeah...Thx it works :) Your Geenius :huh2:

But now i need little hlp again ....there is this user name bar and password bar

i whana make a file what works like...


in Diablo2 there is that user name and password bar .....many people use bots ...they write there user names and passwords in a diffrent file... when they run the bot , it copys there user name and passwords from the file in to the user/pws bar in the game :lol:

i whana make that kind of file ... :D

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