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Automating AS400 with a Rumba Interface - (Moved)

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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to AutoIt but found it while looking for a means to automate a few processes in AS400. I've read a few posts in this forum about automating AS400, including this one by DangerousDan and this one by Neutro. However, their code seems to use the IBM iSeries console, while the one I'm using is a Rumba AS/400 display (I've attached an image of the display header below). I've tried using their basic code to just connect to the display and send keystrokes/move the cursor, but I don't ever see changes in the console despite not getting any error messages. If anyone has any familiarity with connecting to a Rumba display with AutoIt or has any resources they could point me to, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Screenshot (1).png

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Long ago I did some screen scraping like

For each screen 

Send home key to go to upper left

Read Xs Ys position of cursor


  Send tab 

  Read x y as field

Until x y equal to Xs Ys

Ctrl a ctrl c and clipget would give you the text that is on the screen which in combination with the field array helps in setting and getting text.

and chech ehlapi32.dll

example java



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