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how to convert unicode characters to unicode escape sequences

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I have to convert strings with special characters to unicode escape sequences, how can I do?


input: questa è una prova
output: questa \u00e8 una prova

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Hi all,
Thanks Malkey for the interesting solution using SRER. It took me a moment to understand the end of your $Output line ==>   &') & "''")   <== so I would like to share its meaning with our readers :)

Malkey used an interesting Replace pattern, based on the Ternary function, as shown in this image :


Each ampersand (&) is literally included in the updated string resulting from SRER, between the Ternary functions. As there is a final ampersand (circled in red), that's why he added "''" at the end of the string, so the Execute function won't generate an error when executed.

Well done !

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