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How To Read/define Switch?

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Hi there,

Can Autoit define, read and run with switch? If yes, please advise.

Eg. I want to script that can run with switches.

install.exe /s = silent install

install.exe /L:c:\MyDocument = install to different location as define in the switch




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To define switches you can use the cmdline[] array.

cmdline[0] returns the total numbers of switches that your script is called with.

For exampe "yourscript.exe nr1 nr2 nr3 nr4" will result in

cmdline[0] = 4

cmdline[1] = nr1

cmdline[2] = nr2

cmdline[3] = nr3

cmdline[4] = nr4

if cmdline[0] = 0 then
msgbox(0, "Error", "No paramters defined!")
    if cmdline[1] = "/s" then
    ; do yoou silent install
    if cmdline[1] = "/l" then
      $install_location = cmdline[2]
     ; so your install to $install_location

To install your script to another location via this snippet use

youscript.exe /l YourLocation

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here's an example to read a variable number of commandline parameters:

$BATCH = 0
$NAME = ""
$ADDR = ""
$V_ARG = "Valid Arguments are:" & @LF & _
     "    /batch   - text to explain option." & @LF & _
     "    /install - text to explain option." & @LF & _
     "    /n NAME  - Name." & @LF & _
     "    /a Address - Address"  & @LF
For $X = 1 To $CMDLINE[0]
  $T_VAR = StringLower($CMDLINE[$X])
     Case $T_VAR = "/batch"
        $BATCH = 1
     Case $T_VAR = "/install"
        $INSTALL = 1
     Case $T_VAR = "/n"
        $X = $X + 1
        $NAME = $CMDLINE[$X]
     Case $T_VAR = "/a"
        $X = $X + 1
        $ADDR = $CMDLINE[$X]
     Case Else
        If $BATCH = 0 Then
           MsgBox( 1, "Error", "Wrong commandline argument: " & $T_VAR & @LF & $V_ARG,)

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