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.exe parameters won't work with FileWrite!?

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Until now I had no problems using .exe parameters. But when I write a script where I write something in .txt file, it won't work 🙄

For example:
$var = $CmdLine[1]
FileWrite("datamatrix.txt", $var)

does not write anything to datamatrix.txt.

Even if I try something like this:
$var = $CmdLine[1]
FileWrite("datamatrix.txt", "This is an example.")

it doesn't write "This is an example." in datamatrix.txt.

But if I remove "$CmdLine[1]" from my code then I can write whatever I want to the datamatrix.txt. Is this a bug?🙄


Thanks 😊

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Well if I run .exe by double-clicking I get an error because there are no parameters. But if I enter a parameter through command line nothing happens - it just won't write to the file. I wrote a test program that shows the written parameter in a separate window, and that works.

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22 minutes ago, davidsinko said:

I tought the files are always being created there where the .exe file exists.

No, "of course not", they are created in your case relative to the Working Directory (@workdir). :) 
So just make the file fully qualified and you should be in business. The easiest way is:

FileWrite(@scriptdir & "\datamatrix.txt", $var)


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