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using tampermonkey with autoit

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tampermonkey is a browser addon which evals javascript into webpages by match.

recently i had run into a problem where .value could not set a form, so i did something awesome.

tampermonkey comes with GM funcs which are in browser functionalities normally not aavailable to js on a webpage.

GM.setClipboard is insanely useful alongside autoit, heres the deal.

this function sets the clipboard to the specified text. so what you do is have tampermonkey wait for a form on a webpage to exist, focus on the form, set the clipboard to fillme:texthere

then you have an autoit script wait for the clipboard to contain wildcard "fillme:" remove fillme: from text then Send(text) this literally is a godsend because most forms require actual keyboard input and its a very easy way to haave an event based system that doesnt tangle up. if anyone would like examples hit me up

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