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Reading a variable modified inside a loop doesnt work, please help

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Hi, don't understand why this simple piece of code would not work...

What I am trying to do here, is find the index from the first loop that is not present on the second loop.

I am able to print it inside a loop but I cannot call it again after.

Here is how I set this up;

Global $newVar
Global $switch
For $i = 0 To 6 Step 1
    $switch = 0
    For $x = 0 To 5 Step 1
        If $x == $i Then
            $switch = 1
    If $switch == 0 Then
        $newVar = $x

       ; this will print.
        ConsoleWrite($newVar & @CRLF)

; this will not print!?!?!
ConsoleWrite($newVar & @CRLF)


If I run this, I don't get the console print outside/after the for loop... Any ideas why this would not work?

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