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ControlClick on window (handle) without controlin C#

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Hi everyone, I had a problem while I was learning Autoit in C#.
I wanted to use ControlClick on a window without control, example: Notepad
Here is my code:
            var hwd = AutoItX.WinGetHandle("Untitled - Notepad");
            AutoItX.ControlClick(hwd, IntPtr.Zero, "left", 1, 426, 320);
It not working. Nodepad don't have control handle.
I want to auto on processes. I also try using ControlClick(string title, string text, string control) but processes are the same title.
Please help me, thank you so much!
Sorry for my bad English

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28 minutes ago, Earthshine said:

are you on windows 10? because native autoit won't work on it. You need to use UIAutomation

I'm using windows 10. Thank you for reply. I will see more about UIAutomation

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