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Copy files to one destination until it's full, then continue to the next one?

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I'm trying find a software or a script that would allow copy a folder to user selected destination drive until it's full, then wait for user select next destination and continue copying remaining files there, preserving folders tree.

Does anyone know anything that would allow such backup? I figured I'd ask this community, as it seems to have most knowledge then any others, before wasting time writing it myself...


Thank you.

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hmm any begin script?

i mean where do you actually stuck?


i guess no one give you a full script for free.. 

i actually tried something in this way but it's like you search disk for some files (.txt,.au3 and so on) and then copying it to backup destination..

if i understood it, you want all files with sub-folders right? like full backup that's actually what it does.. but copying it to the same sub-folders.

but you could change it to what you want.. will post it if i find it asap :P 

why do i get garbage when i buy garbage bags? <_<

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