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How do I get at text items in a TreeView

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I'm trying to get the names if the items in a TreeView control. I have the control ID (200864) and I can get the item count but I can't get at the actual items. The best I've been able to manage is to get the item reference. As you can see I am able to determine that items #0 through #3 exist. But when I try to get the text I get nothing. Similarly, when I select an item and try to fetch it I get only the item reference. How can I get at the actual text items? Screen snaps are attached.2019-09-01_113526.thumb.jpg.0df820fcad97ac2963d304b31e4f6f6f.jpg


    import os
    import win32com.client

    aut_MatchFromStart = 1

    id  = 200864
    win = "Batch"

    aut = win32com.client.Dispatch("AutoItX3.Control")
    aut.Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", aut_MatchFromStart)


    for i in range(0,5):
        item = "#" + str(i)

    print("GetText #0 = <%s>" % aut.ControlTreeView(win,"",id,"GetText","#0",""))
    print("Select result=",aut.ControlTreeView(win,"",id,"Select",0,""))
    print("GetSelected= <%s>" % aut.ControlTreeView(win,"",id,"GetSelected",0,""))
    print("GetSelected= <%s>" % aut.ControlTreeView(win,"",id,"GetSelected",0,1))


    ItemCount= 4
    item 0 exists= 1
    item 1 exists= 1
    item 2 exists= 1
    item 3 exists= 1
    item 4 exists= 0
    GetText #0 = <>
    Select result= 1
    GetSelected= <#0>
    GetSelected= <#0>


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How is this thread different from 

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Does that mean you never solved it and though: "let's try again"?


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