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"Exit <anything>" always results in %ERRORLEVEL% 0

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Using AutoIt

Either intyerpreted or compiled, I am gettittin 0 as en exit value from any script, regardless of the value given to Exit.

What's wrong?

Simple example, to return the amount of memory in GB as an integer.

$memstats = MemGetStats()

$mem = $memstats[1] / (1024*1024)

$GB = Round($mem, 0) ; should be 1 if memory > 500MB and < 1.5 GB


Exit $GB

Run on a 1 GB system, the MsgBox shows 1, but the value of %ERRORLEVEL% is 0.

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Ah, didn' "get" the start /wait necessity.

Alreadly figured out how to get text:

for /f %x in ('somescript.exe') do set VAR=%x

same idea,


(oh, thatsgreat, that's how to return a numeric value in errorlevel)

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