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Problems Instantiating Custom COM Class


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First, let me say that this is an amazing forum. I don't know who built it or if you are using existing forum software but the interface and everything is amazing.

I didn't know where to put this since I can't post in the support forum. So I posted it here. If this is the wrong place just forgive me and let me know so I can not make that same mistake in the future.

I am having a problem. I cannot instantiate a COM class I made in C++. The class is in the library ATLProject3Lib and is called Greeter. When I call ObjCreate("ATLProject3Lib.Greeter") and then call $greeter.Greet("Someone") I get an error that the variable must contain an object. Now I successfully registered the COM DLL and can use it from C#. So I don't know what the problem is. Basically, I am trying to learn how to create COM components in C++ that I can use from AutoIt and other languages.

Can someone help? Thanks.

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