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Tracking list items between source array and ListView with indexes

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Hello, I have an application populating a ListView. It iterates through a 2D array, adds the item to the ListView using GUICtrlCreateListViewItem(), and saves the returned controlID back into the 2D array. I then reference this controlID elsewhere in the application to read and modify the checkbox state of the item in the ListView.

I'd like to transition to populating the ListView with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem() or _GUICtrlListView_AddArray() but if an index (the position of the item in the ListView?) is returned by these functions, how do I keep track of the items relative to the original array when the item positions change, such as when a column header is clicked for sorting?

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After digging through the Help file more, I found the following functions which look like they'll solve my question.


A good example of these functions in use found here.

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