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Limited access for some forums

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It is relatively common for help requests to be posted in an inappropriate forum, for example :
"Developer General Discussion", "AutoIt Technical Discussion" or "AutoIt Example Scripts".

Although the header of these forums contains the unambiguous statement :
"Do not post general support questions here, instead use the "AutoIt Help and Support" forums." , this is often ignored or overlooked, especially by new members.

Perhaps it would make sense to allow access to these forums only for 'Active Members' (20+ posts), similar to CHAT.

That could probably save @Jos 90 percent of the effort to move these contributions.

Just an idea ;).


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We have discussed solutions already a couple of times but I don't think it would be a good idea to deny access to these forums for other groups.
Especially Examples contains a wealth of information for starters.

It is just on click to get the topic moved and standard post added, so it's not that much work anymore these days. :) 



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Not to mention the very number of topics which the Mods need to move speaks to the fact that people simply don't read. Were we to actually block access to those forums, even with a carefully worded explanation of why, we would simply get a bunch of reports and emails akin to: "Site is broken, can't access xxx forum!"

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Just found this thread and I have a suggestion concerning another kind of blocking, something I wanted to share with you Mods, for a long time.

For years now, each and every day, we notice that newbies (and even members being here for some time) answer to very old posts (i think you call it "necro post") with for example the last post being written a few years ago.

Then a Mod will answer to that with a new post, something like : "Have you noticed that you're answering a post which is 5 years old ? Please do not necro post especially when you don't bring any new element to solve this issue" etc...

Each time (each day) I read this, I always think : "Mods being here for years sure spent days (and weeks) of their lives facing and answering this same situation, in hundred of posts and it's a pity that so much time is spent on this"

My suggestion is : wouldn't it be possible to block any new post being sent (or even written) if the last post is dated (you choose) 6 months, one year ago ? etc...

I mean... there are already a lot of very good functionalities in the web pages of this Forum, so maybe the person(s) who programmed this html Forum could be so kind and take a few hours to add this functionality, freeing all Mods from this daily task which will never (never) end ?

I'm aware that very few times, necro posting can bring a new approach to an issue, when the poster brings some new valuable information. But that happens only a few times, and well... the pop-up message which may appear before the poster starts to write his "necro post" could indicate for example : "This thread is now 3 years old and comments are closed. If you think you have important elements to solve this issue, please create a new thread, thank you." :)

2nd Edit : if you think it's doable, please consider to allow a little group of persons who shouldn't be concerned by this functionality (for example MVP's, Mods, Devs, Jon & Admin.)

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