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Challenges for a beginner


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I am a novice programmer, I know the basics of C#, Scratch, App inventor 2 and some Lua. I recently discovered AutoIt and I would like to learn more of AutoIt. How ever I do not know what to code so could a more skilled programmer to give me small challenges?

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WinActivate ("Google - Google Chrome")

MouseMove (50, 453, 100)
MouseMove (793,441, 100)
MouseClick ("Left")

send ("How to learn AutoIt?")

MouseMove (867, 590, 100)
MouseClick ("Left")


Here is how I did this. I have to say your challenge was first bit intimidating! :P


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As you say you know the basics its best to 

  1. Install full Scite with AutoIt
  2. Check the excellent windows help file for AutoIt. Every command has decent code snippets to easy learn
    1. Online help https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/
      1. Function reference https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions.htm just scan the list to see whats interesting for you
        Would suggest to read at least some of the powerfull specific functions
        1.  Send
        2.  Win*
        3.  Mouse*




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