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#~ Plateform: Windows 9x or better

#~ AutoIt ver: 3.1.1 or better

#~ ArgSpy is designed to safely spy on the command line arguments of other programs by

#~ placing the arguments on the clipboard, such as zip programs etc. ArgSpy will only allow

#~ one program to be replaced at a time. It does this by automatically restoring any previous

#~ file replacement before replacing any new executable.

#~ --Features--

#~ (1)Free :P

#~ (2)Ini file configuration to avoid registry writes and ease of configuring.

#~ (3)No new running processes. Designed to do its job and exit.

#~ (4)Ease of restoring previously backed up files even if you've forgotten where or what they are.

#~ (5)A silent option in ArgSpy.ini so you aren't hassled by unnecessary message boxes.

#~ (6)Will not attempt to replace in use files.

#~ There are 5 ways to restore an ArgSpy replaced file.

#~ (1)Sending File.???.ArgSpy backup file to ArgSpy.exe via the Send To menu. Created in the same

#~ directory as the program being spied on.

#~ (2)Clicking ArgSpy.exe without any arguments passed.

#~ (3)Clicking the ArgSpy Restore link in the Start Menu.

#~ (4)Replacing any new executable with ArgSpy.exe using the Send To menu.

#~ (5)Placing a shortcut to ArgSpy.exe in the startup folder to restore any backups

#~ when the computer restarts.

Code is in the file attachment


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