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Internet Connection Call function

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Hi :">

Every one forum is going really kool lots of things updated now

I have little Problem with timer or calling function i hope you guyz help me out i want to call function when internet connection detected :P

and call function every 5 mins like timer call fuction every 5 mins :lmao:


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Some Use Ping to detect... then you could call a function that Enables AdlibEnable() for every 5 minutes or so.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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you mention my old posts what is this? this is support forum

...you just don't get it..............

Your asimzameer account was - in your words - disabled.

(Perhaps only for a while as a warning)

That account was last active yesterday.

The last post from that account was 08 July 2005.

Several have called for you to be banned from the forum because of the types of projects that you seem to be attempting with AutoIt. (not to mention your attitude - but if we banned people for attitude... well)

If the forum admins opt to leave your accounts active, then each forum member will have to decide if helping you is worth the perceived risk to AutoIt's reputation.

Some forum members are annoyed by the fact that other forum members are attempting to protect AutoIt's reputation by passing judgment on members like you. They would contend that members like you should just be ignored hence the forum ignore list.

[Click on users name > then Profile Options > Ignore User]

Im not suggesting to the other forum members a specific method of dealing with those like you. I am just informing new members of the controversy.

You are correct. This is a support forum... but not all posts will offer an AutoIt solution to your request. Some posts may attempt to discourage others from helping you. Ill leave it to you to discern which type of post this is.


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