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Edit control with $ES_READONLY isn't read-only

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As the title says, I have an Edit control which should have $ES_READONLY applied on creation, as it is just being used for output of messages to the user, they shouldn't edit it.

However, it still allows the user to type in the box, even with the $ES_READONLY extended style.

I'll try to paste my code in a logical way, it's separated among several files.

; ----- /ra.au3 -----

#include "header/ra.h.au3"

$GUI = GUIInit() ; Initialize GUI

Nap(15000) ; Sleep for 15 seconds

; ----- /header/ra.h/au3 -----

#include-once ; Prevent multiple inclusion

#include "ra.function.h.au3" ; Include function header

; ----- /header/ra.function.h.au3 -----

#include-once ; Prevent multiple inclusion

#include "ra.function.GUIInit.h.au3" ; Include GUIInit() header
#include "ra.function.Nap.h.au3" ; Include Nap()

; ----- /header/ra.function.GUIInit.h.au3 -----

#include-once ; Prevent multiple inclusion
#include "ra.global.h.au3" ; Include global header

; Initialize GUI
Func GUIInit()
    $hWndGUI = GUICreate($sGUITitle, $iGUIWidth, $iGUIHeight, $iGUILeft, $iGUITop, $iGUIStyle, $iGUIExStyle) ; Create GUI window

    $idEdit = GUICtrlCreateEdit($sGUIEditText, $iGUIEditLeft, $iGUIEditTop, $iGUIEditWidth, $iGUIEditHeight, $iGUIEditStyle, $iGUIEditExStyle) ; Create Edit control

    GUISetState() ; Show GUI window
    Local $GUI[2] = [$hWndGUI, $idEdit] ; Store both values in an array
    Return $GUI ; Return window handle [0] and Edit control ID [1]

; ----- /header/ra.global.h.au3 -----


#include <EditConstants.au3> ; Access GUI styles and extended styles
#include <WindowsConstants.au3> ; Access GUI event messages

$sScript =          "RA" ; Script name
$sAuthor =          "TGFTW" ; Author name

$iVersionMajor =    0 ; Major version number
$iVersionMinor =    1 ; Minor version number
$iVersionPatch =    0 ; Patch number
$iVersionBuild =    8 ; Build number

; Concatenate version number
$sVersion =          String($iVersionMajor) & "." & String($iVersionMinor) & "." & String($iVersionPatch) & "." & String($iVersionBuild)

; Concatenate title
$sGUITitle =        $sScript & " " & $sVersion & " by " & $sAuthor

$iGUIHeight =       238 ; Set GUI height
$iGUIWidth =        480 ; Set GUI width
$iGUILeft =         -1 ; Set GUI left margin, -1 is centered
$iGUITop =          -1 ; Set GUI top margin, -1 is centered

$iGUIStyle =        BitOR($WS_SYSMENU, $WS_MINIMIZEBOX) ; Set GUI style, use BitOR() for multiple
$iGUIExStyle =      $WS_EX_TOPMOST ; Set GUI extended style, use BitOR() for multiple

Local $sGUIEditText ; Declare Edit control text variable

; Set Edit control text
For $i = 1 To 13
    $sGUIEditText = $sGUIEditText & @CRLF ; Set 13 blank lines, to start at the bottom

$iGUIEditLeft =     1   ; Set Edit control left margin
$iGUIEditTop =      1   ; Set Edit control top margin
$iGUIEditWidth =    472 ; Set Edit control width
$iGUIEditHeight =   207 ; Set Edit control height

$iGUIEditStyle =    -1 ; Set Edit control style, -1 is default
$iGUIEditExStyle =  $ES_READONLY ; Set Edit control extended style

; ----- /header/ra.function.Nap.h.au3 -----


#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> ; Access GUI styles and extended styles

; Sleep in short intervals to allow for GUI event message detection
Func Nap($iMilliseconds)
    $hTimer = TimerInit() ; Begin a timer to keep track of how long the function has been running
    ; If the function has been running less than $iMilliseconds milliseconds, keep looping
    While TimerDiff($hTimer) < $iMilliseconds
        ; Check for GUI event messages
            Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE ; the Close button was pressed
                Exit ; Exit the script

Since it might be a little hard to follow, what's happening is /header/ra.global.h.au3 contains $iGUIEditExStyle = $ES_READONLY which is eventually passed to GUICtrlCreateEdit().

The resulting Edit control is not read-only, though.

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everything happens before GUIInit except for Nap(15000) - I'm sure it LOOKS like the includes are below, but they're actually in separate files.

EDIT: If it's easier to try and execute, I can just zip up the project.

Edited by tgftw

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Sorry, understand now, not sure the reason for all the includes, but the issue is that you're using $ES_READONLY as extended style, it needs to be style.

Edited by Subz

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Well that should've been obvious! I'm not sure why I thought it was an extended style. Thanks so much for the help :)

EDIT: FYI, all the includes are because this is going to be a very large script and it's my way of keeping organized and segmenting code into manageable pieces which are essentially all self-contained. But yeah, with how few actual functions I have and the lack of logic, it looks pretty arbitrary :)

Edited by tgftw

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