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alan lim

I Am Loss Without Goto Command

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$ver= 123


I want the script to read the registry value and the result will be either 123, 456, (different computers has their own version)

or wrong version and no entry at all.

If the result either is 123 or 456, then will skip the installation. If the result is not the correct version or no entry, it will start the installation. After the installation it will go to next statement again. I have no problem using AutoIt v2 goto command to completed above matter. But the AutoIt v3 has removed the goto command. Could anyone give some advise. Thanks

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This might help get you started.

$var = RegRead ( "keyname", "valuename" )
If $var = "123" or $var = "456" Then
;code before script terminates goes here

Func doInstall()
  ;installation code goes here

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