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Firefox bookmark syncronizer

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This little script synchronizes the bookmarks.html file to a ftp location, enabling you to browse the same bookmarks on different computers.

Put the three files in the installation directory of firefox.

Requirements: a FTP-server, firefox( duh) and a working internet connection

not done (and probably not will be doing it): proxy support, multiple firefox profiles

here is the script, additionally, you need curl.exe and 7za.exe. For the less paranoid, I provided them in the archive.

Here is the code:

;check for running firefox
if ProcessExists("firefox.exe") then
Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe", @ProgramFilesDir & "\Mozilla Firefox")
;cURL download bookmarks
$begin = TimerInit()
$error = RunWait('curl.exe ftp://username:password@servername/bookmarks.7z -o "' & @ScriptDir & '\bookmarks.7z"', "", @SW_HIDE)
If $error Then
    If $error <> 19 Then
        MsgBox(0, "Oi!", "Fehler beim Herunterladen der Bookmarks", 5)
;MsgBox(0, "Oi!", "Bookmarks heruntergeladen in " & Round((TimerDiff($begin) / 1000), 1) & " Sekunden", 5)
;unpack bookmarks
$begin = TimerInit()
Runwait(@ScriptDir & '\7za.exe e -t7z -y "' & @ScriptDir & '\bookmarks.7z"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE)
;MsgBox(0, "Oi!", "Bookmarks entpackt in " & Round((TimerDiff($begin) / 1000), 1) & " Sekunden", 5)
;Search Firefox profile path
$search_tmp = FileFindFirstFile(@AppDataDir & "\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*")
$firefox_profile_dir = @AppDataDir & "\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\" & FileFindNextFile($search_tmp)
;backup local_database
FileCopy($firefox_profile_dir & "\bookmarks.html", $firefox_profile_dir & "\bookmarks.bak", 1)
;copy bookmarks to firefox profile dir
FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\bookmarks.html", $firefox_profile_dir & "\bookmarks.html", 1)
FileDelete(@ScriptDir & "\bookmarks.html")
FileDelete(@ScriptDir & "\bookmarks.7z")
;Run Firefox, get PID
$firefox_PID = Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe", @ProgramFilesDir & "\Mozilla Firefox")
;compress bookmarks
$begin = TimerInit()
Runwait(@ScriptDir & '\7za.exe a -t7z -y "' & @ScriptDir & '\bookmarks.7z" "' & $firefox_profile_dir & '\bookmarks.html"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE)
;MsgBox(0, "Oi!", "Bookmarks gepackt in " & Round((TimerDiff($begin) / 1000), 1) & " Sekunden", 5)
;cURL upload bookmarks
$begin = TimerInit()
$error = RunWait('curl.exe -T "' & @ScriptDir & '\bookmarks.7z" ' & 'ftp://username:password@servername', "", @SW_HIDE)
If $error Then
    MsgBox(0, "Oi!", "Fehler beim Hochladen der Bookmarks", 5)
;MsgBox(0, "Oi!", "Bookmarks hochgeladen in " & Round((TimerDiff($begin) / 1000), 1) & " Sekunden", 5)
FileDelete(@scriptdir & "\bookmarks.7z")
FileDelete(@scriptdir & "\bookmarks.html")


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It will be for my personal use. Thanx!

Just for curiosity: do you use curl instead of other ftp methods because of proxies prospective (Curl support them) ?

No, I reused parts of another, older project, by that time, there were no FTP UDFs, so curl was the choice.
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