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Michael Stettner

Show Mouse Pos in a ToolTip

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Michael Stettner

;hi out there, i am a AutoIt newbie, and i just want to state it is really cool for scripting purposes

;here is a very small script i wrote to fetch the mouse postion in order to use it for test automation purpose

;(simulate mouse button clicks)

; Script Function:

; Shows the actual mouse postion in a tooltip in the left upper corner of the screen

; remark: auto it is cool!

While 1 < 2

$pos = MouseGetPos()

$str1 = "Mouse x,y: " & $pos[0] & "," & $pos[1]

ToolTip($str1 , 0, 0 )


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there is no need for While 1<2

While 1 works just fine, but nice simple program i could use this to write other programs, thanks

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