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I'm trying to extract a number following some text using regular expressions

#include <Array.au3>
;some text from a webpage
$test = "Server: Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) PHP/5.0.4 mod_perl/1.29"&@crlf
$test &= "Connection: close"&@crlf
$test &= "Content-Type: text/html"&@crlf
$test &= @crlf
$test &="<!-- DDNS_Response_Code=101 -->" &@crlf
$test &="Status Code: <B>101</B><BR>" &@crlf
$test &="Successful Update.<BR>" &@crlf

msgbox(0,"Test Text",$test)

;find number after "DDNS_Response_Code="
;find non capturing group and capturing group
$pattern ="((?:DDNS_Response_Code=)[0-9]+)"

$result = StringRegExp($test,$pattern,1)


The return value is "DDNS_Response_Code=101".

Shouldn't it be "101"?

By the way I am using beta 101. Kinda weird huh?

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$pattern ="((?:DDNS_Response_Code=)([0-9]+))"


And this if you want it to be [1] to return the right option.

$pattern ="((DDNS_Response_Code=)([0-9]*))"

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Thanks for the help. Sorry it took so long to reply back.

$pattern = "DDNS_Response_Code=(\d+)" also works but I would rather use grouping.

Gotta learn more on regexp.



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