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Full local path to UNC path

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just that @ converting any given path to match to an  UNC one Or make UNC as aspect  to the local computer .. ?

D:\System Volume Information

if I needed to use:

_WinAPI_ShellFileOperation("D:\somefolderDir", "C:\", $FO_COPY, $FOF_ALLOWUNDO)

NM: changed to this fixed it:

_WinAPI_ShellFileOperation("D:\somefolderDir\*", "C:", $FO_COPY, $FOF_ALLOWUNDO)
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@JLogan3o13, yes,  after all it was a shell operation i thought I'd try that what seemed to work

@subs I meant https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Path_(computing)#Uniform_Naming_Convention

still it would be  be interesting what good conversion can work with filecopy or foldercopy  

since i didn't try testing that,  the question still stands ..


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