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Tabs in an MDI app?

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I have the controlID for the tab and the classnamenn "SysTabControl321" but for some reason I cant do anything with it.

dim $win
dim $t

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

$win = "VISION" 


;ControlFocus($win, "", "SysTabControl321")
$t = ControlCommand($win, "", "SysTabControl321", "CurrentTab", "") 
MsgBox(0, "", $t)

this pops up a blank box for a second then closes it

I tried just ControlFocus and that didnt work, I also previously tried sending some commands to it and nothing worked. Does it have something to do with it being in a MDI app?

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ok, got it to return something..... "1"

it only returns 1 no matter what tab its on.

even with the controlfocus

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