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Hi all,

I use autoit script to read datas from excel. 3 and 4. pictures commands work very well ı can select string from combobox but at 5. picture i use same command and same workflow but i doesnt work, i cant get datas from combobox. Arent ' N, NE, W ' string  values? Should i change command ? 

Thanks in advance for your help.







 2 autotable.PNG.f1ec84c06a30e4e9b20846c2cc67a91a.PNG












 5 autowall2.PNG.b52dc2866c05d283dad6ae440668b078.PNGhap3.PNG.b3a71d91fc10aafd9818987b49314ad8.PNG



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16 hours ago, Subz said:

Try read the control with ControlCommand() "GetCurrentSelection" and see if it matches $Wall_1 value, or try "FindString", you just really need to debug to make sure that you're able to read/change the control.

Thanks a lot Subz.

I achieve to get this combobox but issiu is that values in combobox are ' N, NE, NW ' and it doesnt choose exact string like NW instead of that it press first letter than second one so it causes to choose different string. for example it should choose ' NW ' but chooses 'W' . I need someting that choose exact item in the list ? Any advice ??

Thanks in advance.

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