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Does The ResourcesEX UDF Support Transparency With Images?


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As the title suggests, does it support transparency? I have gif files with white areas for transparency that I'm trying to use and when in SciTE, if I press go (F5) the gifs show up fine with their transparency but when I compile it then the white shows up. Any suggestions?

Example Code:

. . .
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add=files\background.jpg, rt_rcdata, background, 0
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add=files\1_button.gif, rt_rcdata, 1_button, 0
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add=files\2_button.gif, rt_rcdata, 2_button, 0

. . .
If @Compiled Then
    _Resource_SetToCtrlID($Background, "background")
    _Resource_SetToCtrlID($uibutton[1], "1_button")
    _Resource_SetToCtrlID($uibutton[2], "2_button")
    GUICtrlSetImage($Background, "files\background.jpg")
    GUICtrlSetImage($uibutton[1], "files\1_button.gif")
    GUICtrlSetImage($uibutton[2], "files\2_button.gif")


EDIT: I more or less found a workaround. I can't have a white background to my images once compiled, they have to be a true transparent background. I also tried to experiment with GDIPlus.au3 to redraw the image from resources once compiled but couldn't even get the images to show up. I guess I will settle for two sets of images when writing scripts. One with a white background when I press "Go" to test the script and one with a transparent background once I've compiled the script.

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