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Locked Remote Desktop script not working - (Moved)

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The following code works fine with active Remote Desk Top:

ControlFocus("THRIVE PRODUCTION SERVER - Thrive", "", "Button1")

But does not work when RDP session is locked.

Thank you in advance

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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the AutoIt Example Scripts forum very clearly states:


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Do not post general support questions here, instead use the AutoIt Help and Support forums.

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running scripts on a remote server from RDP can get complicated really quick if you have to disconnect.

This is an option I put out in the Example form, but I would suggest trying to update your script first so it only interacts directly with controls as SlackerAl suggested.  There are lots of issues interacting with windows too.


If you are able to leave the RDP session open the entire time, and it's just that the server is going to sleep, there are other options to force the server to stay active.

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I tried this but it is not working, 


Func ClosePDF($hWnd, $iOnOff)
    Local Const $WM_SYSCOMMAND = 274
    Local Const $SC_CLOSE = 61808
    _SendMessage($hWnd, $WM_SYSCOMMAND, $SC_CLOSE, $iOnOff)
   If @error Then
        MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "_ClosePDF", "_SendMessage Error: " & @error)


Thanks again for your help.

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