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[Beginner] Can't get mouseclick function to work


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I am a newbie to autoit and trying to get the mouseclick function to automatically press a button as part of an install process.  After trying and failing to use ControlClick and MouseClick with a co-ords specified.  I tried to simplify the code as far as possible however it is still not working.  What am I doing wrong here?

WinWaitActive("Installer Language")

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Notepad++ offers an installation using commandline parameters. Have a look at the help for Run or RunWait.

The command string reads : Run("npp.7.8.1.Installer.x64.exe /S", "", @SW_HIDE)

/S means silent. With /D= you can specify an alternative target directory (if desired).

You probably have to put #RequireAdmin at the beginning of the script.


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look at controlclick. It will allow you to interact with a control even when the window does not have focus. 

As Misashi suggest - use command line. Look here for more information: http://www.get-itsolutions.com/notepad-silent-install-exe-msi-version/

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