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Delayed start of compiled program

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I am using AutoIt to write small program for my daily doings and also to provide some GUI for others.

Recently I notied that some of the programs are starting with a delay - this might be due to the anti virus software on my business computer (Windows 10 / McAffee).

I built a small "trap", a script with just a message box and once i used launched it I wait for the process to exists and the message box.

The delay is about 23 seconds which is not really acceptable. Does anybody have a clue how to detect by what this is caused (it would be helpful, as I have to argue with our IT about that).



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This sounds right... I have Avast installed at home and when I launch a program it will start in a sandboxed environment before actually running the program. McAffee could be doing something similar to ensure the program doesn't touch anything it shouldn't.

You could try compiling the program to an a3x and running it with the AutoIt executable. I've had great results with this personally. Sometimes compiling to 32 bit instead of 64 bit will let your program to get by.

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