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Skim Through Web Page Copy Contents

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Hey there!

Does anyone know of a script already written that skims through a web page, looks for a specific word or link, opens that link, looks for specific verbiage on the page say "Sub & End Sub", copies the contents between "Sub a End Sub", saves it in a text or excel document, closes the document and then continues through the web page while also clicking a "next page" button if everything was copied from the links on that page?

I'm trying to create an excel VBA library from code that's already been written by others from the following site <https://www.thespreadsheetguru.com/the-code-vault?offset=1487044378901>. I could do it manually but it would save me a lot of time to have it automated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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You could use IE functions or Webdriver with IE

You could get the div with the classname "main-content", find each link that starts with "Read More" and open it, then look for p tag with classname "VBAText" copy the innerText to a file.

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