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Controlsend : select file in the save as field in notebook


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I am trying to select a file by typing the file name 

I know the easier way is to use a single command to do it but i want to do it this way 

writing "question" into the body of the text file works fine but not into the "save as" box


#include <GuiMenu.au3>
#include <GuiComboBox.au3>

Func _Main()
$hWnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Notepad]")
$hMain = _GUICtrlMenu_GetMenu($hWnd)
$t1 = _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemText($hMain, 0)
$hFile = _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemSubMenu($hMain, 0)
$t2 = _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemText($hFile, 3)
Writeln("Question: ")

; here is the solution. It is language independent.

WinMenuSelectItem($hWnd, "", $t1, $t2)
sleep (2000)

ControlGetHandle("Save as", "", "Class:edit; instance1")
sleep (2000)

ControlSend( $hWnd, "", "Edit1", "testing")
EndFunc ;==>_Main




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