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Case and Array

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I am current generation multiple tabs and controls using for loops and arrays. for example.

while 1
$msg = GuiGetMsg()
Case $msg = $plustabbutton
$tabcount = $tabcount + 1

Func AddTab($tabcount)
$tab = GUICtrlCreateTabitem ("Tab "&$tabcount)
$date[$tabcount] = GuiCtrlCreateDate("Date", 170, 120, 130, 20, $DTS_SHORTDATEFORMAT)

Lets say the user clicks the plustabbutton 3 times. This leaves me with $date[1], $date[2] and $date[3].

What I want to know if how to create a case select that inclused the entire array.

Case $msg = $date[*]; If you get what I meen.

bare in mind that Case $msg = $date[1] or $date[2] or $date[3] wont wort since you can end up with 99+ date array entries.

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When I try the above suggestion I get a "syntax error"

any more ideas?

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Don't use the Select Case but just the for next loop.

for $i = 1 to Ubound($date) 
   If  $msg = $date[$i] then
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