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how to bring a process window to foreground before clicking button


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For using on a remote computer, I wrote a script that starts a program so that a 3G internet connection starts. This program comes with the 3G dongle from TP-LINK model MA260.

The script (.exe) is executed by windows Task Scheduler at predefined times.

The 3G connection program is a special one, see attached picture, it's window has no title bar and it starts as a process not an application. The process name is "3GUtility.exe"

Things like:  WinWaitActive(...)    or    WinActivate(...)     do not work.

Everything works, but sometimes there are other windows on the desktop and the window I need to start the connection, by clicking the "Connect" button, gets behind them and so the script clicks in the correct coordinates but on the wrong window.

Please take a look at my script and maybe someone know a solution for this.

In the script I wrote a comment where I would like to make sure the process window is in front of all other before I click the button.

No need to say that before asking here, I've already read many messages and spend many hours trying for a solution but unfortunately without success.

Thank you and best wishes,





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On 3/8/2020 at 7:31 AM, paw said:

Get the program title and class with Autoit Window Info tool and use that to activate it like

$tc = "[TITLE:Mozilla Firefox; CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]"

Or get the window handle from the PID after starting it

He already stated that doesn't work here:


On 2/24/2020 at 2:30 PM, janjo said:


Things like:  WinWaitActive(...)    or    WinActivate(...)     do not work.


autoitstart3G_V2.au3 1.82 kB · 10 downloads


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I wonder if the application supports command line switches. That may be a simple way to make it work. 

Another option is to see if the connection is a service that is being turned on and off. If yes, that can be done by command line also. Look in your services and see if you can find something to do with tp-link. 

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