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Can't get Autoit to work with Quickbooks 2020


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I'm a bit new to Autoit, so please excuse my ignorance.

I am trying to use Autoit to simulate some mouse clicks and key presses in Quickbooks 2020 on WIndows 10.  However, if Quickbooks is the active windows, none of the commands work.

An example is I have a script with a hotkey set to send the command MouseClick("left",1000,500)

  1. With Quickbooks minimized, the command will work.  The mouse moves and clicks correctly
  2. With Quickbooks maximized (and active), the command will not work.  Mouse does not move or click
  3. With Quickbooks maximized and Notepad (or any other window) on top of it, the mouse will move to the coords.  If the coords are where QB is, it will not click.  If the coords are where notepad is, it will click


Am I doing something wrong?  What seems to be the problem?

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