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reset password for an change pass on account that i no longer have the email address for?

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First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i had no idea where to post this, nothing i had access to appeared logical.

I would like to reset a password for an account that i had many years ago and have forgotten the password and no longer have the email address for ...

I can prove that i am the owner of the account because i use the same name on ultravnc forums (and i still hav access to that account)

I think i know the old email address (because i just sent a reset request to that address).

How would i go about resetting said accounts password ?

If this is not possible, or not easy, that fine, i have just started up using autoit again (after 8 years in the dark) and wanted to updated my original posts on these forums. if need be i can just add another post and reply to the old one ... but it would be neater to just get access to the account...

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2 hours ago, YTSJim said:

i had no idea where to post this ...

The probably best way would be to send a PM (personal message) to one of the moderators, e.g. @Jos , @Melba23 or @JLogan3o13 .
With high probability a MOD will react via PM to your post here in the forum anyway, or has already done so.

To send a PM, use the envelope icon in the header of the website.



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