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I want auto it to send me a sms when i am attacked in a web-based game (ogame)

This is how i wanted to do this:

i log in to o-game, then i start this program

It automatic reloads the page every 10 minutes and when this page shows a message that i am attacked it should go to the site of vodafone and log-in to send me a sms message.

I think it could work.... but how?

The part of going to the vodafone site and sending me the sms shouldn't be a problem

But i don't know how to reload the page every 10 minutes and going to the vodafone site if i am attacked.

Any idea's?

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Just do like this Log in stay on the place where u can see u planet then make so it will 10 minutes later click on the building/structures link and wait 10 Secs then it will Click on The OverView whre u can see u planet(im not sure the link is called right im only gaming the danish version)

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